International Poster Competition to Reinvent Chicago's Classic Transit Posters

by crandell | 03/22/2010


The Chicago International Poster Biennial will hold its first student poster competition this year with the theme of "Transportation: Crucial Issues." The theme is intended to explore why it's great to walk, bike and take transit (transportation that’s green, healthy, affordable and social). So it'll be exciting to see the entries! Spread the word and encourage any art and design students you know to enter. The deadline is May 22, 2010.

From the competition website:

During the most prolific poster-making period in Chicago (the early 20th century), transportation and tourism went hand-in-hand as the predominant theme. Posters for the North Shore and South Shore electric rail lines lured urbanites away from the city by portraying the scenic beauty of the countryside. Posters for the Elevated Lines touted various cultural destinations within the city. These posters remain a very visible part of Chicago’s historical visual landscape.

The jury of the Chicago International Poster Biennial would like to see your interpretation of the theme of travel, regardless of where you are or what you believe is the most vital issue regarding transportation that needs to be communicated today. Make a poster about rethinking transportation to impact the environment, individual health, urban infrastructure… anything is possible. Make one, great poster, and send it to us.

You can buy the classic poster pictured here at Posters Plus. And you can look forward to seeing cool new posters for walking, biking and transit later this spring.

Full details about the competition can be found at .

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I always dream of something

I always dream of something like that. Like I will be going for a painting competition somewhere like there.

So they are all about

So they are all about student posters or everyone is free to participate? As I am going along with my masters in administration I am thinking about taking a challenge like this myself. Thanks for keeping us posted!

Amazing work, I always loved

Amazing work, I always loved the retro style and I believe this will have even greater effect on the aging travelers. This is what it means to listen sympathetically when starting a project like that.