Car Free Day: Rally and Ride

by Break the Gridlock | 09/21/2010

From last year's car-free day ride

Greetings, Carfree Chicago!

Hooray! Tomorrow, Wednesday Sept 22, is World Car Free Day. Break the Gridlock is celebrating with a rally and bike ride tomorrow night. The ride leaves at 6pm sharp from Daley Plaza and ends at 7pm at the Bike Winter kick-off meeting at the Billy Goat on Madison (1535 W.)

The idea is that we spread love and thanks for walkers, bikers, skaters, bladers, transit users, etc. downtown... and encourage the drivers hitting the highway ramps to join us next time. If you are feeling creative and/or loud, come prepared with your best car-freedom costumes and slogans.

Also, please take the Active Trans' car-free pledge. Even if you are already car-free, it is good to be counted. When you take the pledge, you show support for a less car-dependent future.

Today there was a timely article in the New York Times about real and perceived risks, especially related to children: From the article:

“The least safe thing you can do with your child, statistically, is drive them somewhere,” said Lenore Skenazy, author of “Free-Range Kids,” a manifesto preaching a return to the day when children were allowed to roam on their own. “Yet every time we put them in the car we don’t think, ‘Oh God, maybe I should take public transportation instead, because if something happened to my kid on the way to the orthodontist I could never forgive myself.’ ”

One reason I am car-free is that car crashes are the number one cause of injury to children up to 18. I prefer not to have the awesome responsibility of navigating a huge, dangerous machine down our city streets, and I also don't want to subject my son to the risks of being in car. This does not mean we never drive; just that we take it very seriously.

Hope to see you tomorrow and thanks for all you do to promote car-freedom,

Gin Kilgore (on behalf of Break the Gridlock)

For me it is better to ride

For me it is better to ride a bike than to commute because of the expenses specially gas increase.

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What is the transit users as

What is the transit users as I know about the others?

I wish I was there myself,

I wish I was there myself, it sounds like so much fun. Here's one more reason to make you want to donate your car. Please keep us updated on the next events of this kind!

Amazing rally...!!

Amazing rally...!!

As much as I'd want to quit

As much as I'd want to quit my car I can't, my job and the prosperity of my whole family depends on that. I know there are risks, I know there's pollution but I am hoping someday I'll be able to get an electric car. Until then I will use my current car, I've just installed some new Husky floor mats, this should make it more safe and more efficient.

Is there any similar event

Is there any similar event for this year? I'd love to be a part of it, this year I want to get more involved in green initiatives. I am willing to change my car for a bike every time I get the chance.

Let's hope these good habits

Let's hope these good habits will keep expanding in the future. The more people we get involved in this kind of actions the better in every concern. You should also check out some Chicago go kart racing events. A lot of people are fans of that, they are so much fun.