Chicago Toyota Dealership Touts Transit-Friendly Location

by crandell | 06/22/2009

A friend forwarded me this email newsletter message from Chicago Northside Toyota promoting one of the great advantages of transit. What does it mean when car dealerships start catering to the growing "car-lite" population?

Why Fight for Parking?

There's so much going on in our wonderful city right now - like the Taste of Chicago. But oh, the nightmare of the parking meters!

Why fight for parking when you visit the events, when you could drop your Prius off for service or repair at Chicago Northside Toyota - and take public transportation?

Chicago Northside Toyota is right on the Red Line's Bryn Mawr stop.
How much more convenient can you get?

Since this email wins major points, I'll withhold my snide remarks on the appropriateness of a car dealership occupying real estate near a high foot-traffic transit stop and instead suggest that this could be a convenient place to get your car serviced if you have one.

What if my car doesn't need

What if my car doesn't need service? I am not sure I get the full idea here. I just got a new hybrid from Newcastle Toyota, I own it for only two months, most likely a car like that new doesn't need service. What are the other options to get the Taste of Chicago?