chi-carfree e-mail list

by ho3ard | 06/09/2006

FYI there is a yahoogroup I started a few years ago called chi-carfree. It has over 50 good people on it, some of them not even critical mass types, but apparently carfree chicagoans are a damn self-sufficient bunch and no-one ever has a need to post!

So come over and liven things up–

to join send a mesage to

Howard K

Critical Mass

by crandell | 04/24/2006

Critical Mass is a large, monthly gathering of bike riders who ride through the city in parade fashion. Everyone is welcome to ride. Go for fun or to show your bike spirit.

Chicago Critical Mass bike rides start from Daley Plaza, Dearborn & Washington at 5:30 pm on the last Friday of each month, regardless of season or weather. They are free and fun. All you have to do is show up with your bike.

Read more about it at the Chicago Critical Mass website.

Indiana Dunes

by crandell | 04/24/2006


The Indiana Dunes are about an hour and a half outside of Chicago and can be reached via the South Shore Line. The parks have great hiking trails and several miles of quiet beaches. The trails go over dunes almost 200 feet high, through marshlands and along the beach. The area is preserved by both a state park and a national park. The Indiana Dunes State Park contains 1,530 acres of car-free nature preserve. The Indian Dunes National Lakeshore is 15,000 acres, but doesn’t have as much uninterrupted nature, and near the train stop the park surrounds the town of Beverly Shores.

Getting There
Two South Shore Line stations stop close to the dunes. Dune Park station is near the state park, and Bervely Shores is near the national park. It’s about $13 round-trip. Board the train at the Randolph Street Metra station underground next to Millennium Park. Trains run every hour or so, but make sure to check the schedule so you don’t get stranded in Indiana.

Ten City Escapes Brochure

by crandell | 04/23/2006

Friends of the Parks recently released a brochure with ten “easy day trips on public transportation to nearby Cook County Forest Preserves.” It offers a short description of 10 places, what you can do there and how you can get there by public transportation, including estimated travel time. Download and print the Ten City Escapes (8 MB PDF) brochure, then come back here and write up your trip for others to read.

Welcome to Carfree Chicago

by crandell | 03/14/2006

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