How many drivers can say they're turned on by their commute?

by crandell | 03/11/2009


Reading Stephen Markley's piece in the RedEye last week, All aboard—it's the Love Train, I was wondering how many suburban drivers would experience this same phenomenon. As evidence that many other CTA commuters feel the same way as Stephen, I submit the following blog devoted to checking people out on the CTA: R.O.C.K. on the C.T.A.

I have to disagree with Stephen's initial statement that "no one likes the train or bus ride to work in the morning." I enjoy my commute because it lets me read, listen to music, or totally zone out while staring out the window at our city's incredible scenery. But his observations of attraction on the train reminded me of one of the great advantages of an urban environment -- namely the abundance of opportunities for diverse social interaction.

CTA wish list

by hsmith | 01/28/2009


CTA wish list:

As we get a new CTA president in 2009 here are somethings on my wish list

Odometer for my CTA card
As Indiana Jones says, "it's not the years its the mileage." Wouldn't it be fun if we could have a CTA card that documents how many miles you've traveled? What about a free ride or gold card for your millionth mile traveled on CTA? I think some of us CTA users deserve a medal sometimes for the bus and train rides. Car insurance companies always want to know how many miles your car has, and bikes have mileage counters, why not be able to document the same on the CTA?

CTA conductor communicator
Many mornings I think I am running late when I get a great CTA conductor who always gets me to work ontime. I'd love to be able to thank him via the CTA website. Also it would be great to document when CTA bus drivers run red lights.

More to come soon!

Belmont Wants David Lee Csicsko Back

by crandell | 01/27/2009


A well-attended community meeting this evening at Ann Sather demonstrated overwhelming support for the return of David Lee Csicsko's cheerful aesthetic to the Belmont station. The CTA Arts in Transit program solicited community feedback at the meeting on the selection of public art for the station, presenting proposals from six artists. The CTA said the chosen work would be installed this summer. Neighbors had plenty of time at the end of the meeting to provide feedback on the artwork. As people around the room took their turns voicing their opinions, it seemed the one work everybody loved, receiving the vast majority of comments (only one negative), was the proposal by David Lee Csicsko, who's "Belmont 2000" recently decorated the Belmont station before construction forced its removal.

Walk Score Ranks Chicago's Most Walkable Neighborhoods

by crandell | 07/17/2008


If you've ever wished there were an easier way to figure out which areas of the city are friendliest to those on foot, then you'll be excited about Walk Score's new walkability maps and neighborhood rankings. Walk Score today published rankings for the most walkable cities (Chicago is ranked fourth), as well as the most walkable neighborhoods in each city -- in Chicago: the Loop, Near North Side, Lincoln Park, Lakeview and Uptown. They also have wonderful color-coded walkability maps for each city illustrating which areas are most walkable.

Transit Maps + More Transit Maps!

by crandell | 04/08/2008


Two new transit map services debuted this week from the CTA and Google that make it easier for riders to plan their trips. Google has added Chicago to the growing number of cities it offers public transit trip planning for on Google Maps -- allowing riders to use the familiar interface to plan their rides. A great added feature is that it provides an estimated cost comparison for the trip by transit and driving. My work commute at $2.00 per train trip came in as a cost savings over driving at $2.25 per trip. It would be wonderful to see a carbon calculator added in as well for driving and transit directions.