CarFree in Chicago: The How-To Guide

by kellyburns | 05/17/2010

When I mention that I don't have a car, invariably the first reaction by my well-meaning friends and family is a shocked, "You don't?!?" followed by, "Why not?!?" It's like I've casually mentioned that I removed my own legs. Believe it or not, humans didn't always get around by sitting in a metal box that runs on “dead dinosaur juice.” There are plenty of great reasons to consider going car-free - mainly that cars are the #1 cause of global warming, exceeding even the damage done by coal-burning power plants. Going car-free is definitely the greenest thing a consumer can do.

Knowing this sobering fact, when it came time to replace my car this past January, I decided to see if I ‘had it what it takes’ to go car-free. Not only did I save a ton of money and make my life a lot simpler, I gleaned some tips for anyone else who might be thinking about dumping their gas guzzler as well:

Thirty Chicagoans Take Zipcar's Car-Free Challenge

by crandell | 07/19/2009


As part of the second annual Low-Car Diet, Zipcar is challenging people in 13 cities to give up their cars for one month and learn what car-free living is all about. To help wean them off of their driving habit, Zipcar is of course offering them a car sharing membership, as well as transit passes and bikes in some of the participating cities. In Chicago, 30 residents are taking part in the challenge, ditching their cars from July 15 - Aug. 15.

Visit and click on the '08 tab to read about the experiences of participants from last year. The results showed a 71% decrease in miles driven among the participants, which would support the claim that people who use car sharing end up driving less.