Is your favorite train stop a great public space?

by KSommer | 07/06/2010

Last week, Mandy Burrell Booth from the Metropolitan Planning Council wrote a great blog post about the Train Stop Guide (Streetsblog liked it, too!). Here’s her post, and a challenge: is your favorite train stop one of the region’s incredible undiscovered public spaces? If so, enter it in the What Makes Your Place Great? contest by July 26 and be eligible to win some great prizes!

What's your favorite CTA, Metra or South Shore stop?
By Mandy Burrell Booth

CarFree in Chicago: The How-To Guide

by kellyburns | 05/17/2010

When I mention that I don't have a car, invariably the first reaction by my well-meaning friends and family is a shocked, "You don't?!?" followed by, "Why not?!?" It's like I've casually mentioned that I removed my own legs. Believe it or not, humans didn't always get around by sitting in a metal box that runs on “dead dinosaur juice.” There are plenty of great reasons to consider going car-free - mainly that cars are the #1 cause of global warming, exceeding even the damage done by coal-burning power plants. Going car-free is definitely the greenest thing a consumer can do.

Knowing this sobering fact, when it came time to replace my car this past January, I decided to see if I ‘had it what it takes’ to go car-free. Not only did I save a ton of money and make my life a lot simpler, I gleaned some tips for anyone else who might be thinking about dumping their gas guzzler as well:

Chicago 2016 Olympics: Where's the Transit Legacy?

by crandell | 02/08/2009


As we wait for Chicago 2016 to make its final Bid Book public, I thought I'd take a moment to review what the last iteration of our Olympic plan said about transportation. I think one of the major selling points for Chicagoans is the promise of "legacy" projects that will improve our quality of life following the games -- and I do believe the Olympics certainly have the potential to be good for our city. The Chicago 2016 website claims this as one of 16 benefits to the city: "Hosting the Games will fast track key capital projects, especially transportation related initiatives, to coincide with the Olympiad." We balance the budget risk of the games against this legacy daydream and hope the games will draw enough funding to make the dreams a reality.

The Beauty of the Monthly CTA pass

by hsmith | 01/12/2009


I've been complaining about the new CTA fare structure and the fact that I have to get a monthly CTA pass now to get to work. However Saturday when I woke up and the world was a swirling mass of white snow I started to embrace my inner Chicago Card. The mission:get to the hardware store and shop for dinner for 6 people at 2 different grocery stores in Rogers Park in 2 hours. I strapped on my backpack, ipod and set out along Sheridan and realized I had such a luxury of transit options available to me: I took whichever Sheridan bus was coming first--North or South is fine to connect me to other buses. I hopped the 147 to Howard, then grabbed the 22 Bus down to the Clark/Devon Hardware store. Then grabbed another 22 going North to Morse, dropped off a library book, walked 3 blocks, got a couple bags of groceries and hopped the Red Line home. I even got to stop at the wine shop and saw a few neighbors and made it home in plenty of time.

Rally to Save Mass Transit! Thompson Center on Tuesday.

by crandell | 08/23/2007


Don't miss the transit rally at 11:30 a.m. Tue., Aug. 28, in front of the Thomspon Center. If funding and reforms don't come through by Sept. 16, we'll see major service cuts across the region and another funding crisis again next year. The local press has made it clear that we can't afford to shortchange our transit any more. But until now we haven't seen crowds of Chicagoans demanding better transit in the streets. Maybe that's what it will take to get reform.

Rep. Julie Hamos and my Rep. Sara Feigenholtz have sent out emails announcing the event (see below).

Dear Neighbor:

Join me and other members of the Mass Transit Committee, civic, business and labor communities and transit advocates from across the region in support of mass transit on Tuesday, August 28th at 11:30 a.m. at the Thompson Center's outdoor plaza at Clark and Randolph streets in the loop.

Senate Bill 572 (which would create a long term funding source for the CTA) will soon be considered by the Illinois Legislature and we need to make it very clear to the rest of the General Assembly and the Governor that we cannot live with the CTA's proposed service cuts that will go into effect September 16, 2007 if this or similar legislation isn't passed immediately.