Carfree Beer Excursions (and a Distillery) -- Because Drinking and Driving Don't Mix

by crandell | 04/02/2010


I recently met a fellow carfree Chicagoan who wanted to go to Three Floyds Brewery's Dark Lord Day on April 24 but wasn't sure how to get there. It may be an ordeal to get to Three Floyds, but fortunately we also have plenty of other easy excursions for exploring great beer.

Dark Lord Day is a beer festival at Three Floyds in Munster, Indiana, over 7 miles from the South Shore Line Hammond station or a little over 10 miles from the Flossmoor station on the Metra Electic line, and Pace bus connections won't get you much closer. So on a normal day if you wanted a brewery tour, your best bet would probably be to take the Metra Electric and arrange a cab with Classic Taxi, and plan on hitting up Flossmoor Station brewery in the same day. But luckily a number of Chicago bars are offering charter buses down to Dark Lord Day:

Carfree Day Trip: Skiing in Wisconsin

by crandell | 02/27/2010

Yes, there are ski slopes close enough to Chicago for a day trip. And no, you don't need a car to get there! Windy City Ski is a new bus service offering round-trip transportation for weekend day trips to ski slops in Wisconsin. Check out the Chicago Tribune's coverage of this carfree day trip option: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/ct-trav-0207-ski-bus-20100205...

Daytrip to Openlands Lakeshore Preserve via Metra for a Beautiful Day

by crandell | 11/08/2009


Unseasonably warm days like today are the perfect time for an outdoorsy daytrip. And Openlands has a great suggestion on their website with public transit directions to their recently opened Openlands Lakeshore Preserve.

Get directions here: http://openlands.org/index.php/Special-Projects/Projects/openlands-lakes...

Check Metra's UP-North schedule here: http://metrarail.com

Learn more about the preserve here: http://openlands.org/index.php/News/Press-Releases/new-preserve-opens-ad...

Great Walks from L Stops

by crandell | 09/04/2009

Those who love leisurely walks and riding the CTA will really appreciate one of the features in this week's issue of Time Out Chicago. It offers photos, maps and a guide for scenic strolls kicking offer from L stops on each of the CTA's eight train lines. From the Francisco stop on the Brown Line (home to some of my favorite transit art) to the Halsted stop on the Orange Line, this little guide is a good nudge to check out some of the L stops and neighborhoods you might not normally frequent.

Check it out: Time Out Chicago: Walk the lines

And if you really love one of these stations, buy yourself an L Stop Button!