Garfield Park Conservatory

by Thomas Garman | 06/30/2009

Last weekend I took the Green Line to the Garfield Park Conservatory. It is well worth a visit. The patio behind the Conservatory is a nice place to sit and read. In the last few months I have visited the Lincoln Park Conservatory and the Oak Park Conservatory as well. Like the Oak Park Conservatory, the Garfield Park Conservatory has a Desert Room, which would be nice to visit during Winter. Here are some photos from my visit:



by Thomas Garman | 06/20/2009

This weekend I walked to Fermilab. I was motivated by a desire to see the Buffalo preserve in the context of a restored Prairie. It is very easy to walk to Fermilab from the Geneva Metra, but it is not easy to walk from Fermilab to the West Chicago Metra station. Here are some photos from my walk:


Chicago Botanic Garden

by Thomas Garman | 06/18/2009

On May 25th I visited the Chicago Botanic Garden. The walk to the Garden along the Lake Cooke road from the Braeside Metra is very easy (down a street with a sidewalk). My motive for going to the Botanic Garden was to visit their Prairie Preserve.

Here are some photos from my trip:


Illinois Prairie Path

by Thomas Garman | 06/17/2009

On May 30th I walked about 18 miles on the Illinois Prairie Path from Wheaton to Elgin. The path is very easy to get to just by taking the Metra to Wheaton. Here are my photos from that trip:


Lake Katherine

by Thomas Garman | 06/16/2009

On June 6th I tried to walk from Harlem and 111th street (near the Worth Metra station) to the Little Red School House in the Palos Hills Forest Preserve by way of Lake Katherine. My plan was to walk in a U-shape from the Worth Metra to the Willow Springs Metra. The walk was not successful. As it turns out, there is no route accross the Cal-Sag channel from the Lake Katherine side to the Northern part of the Forest Preserve where the Little Red School House is located. The google map is not very informative in this case because it does not give internal information about the Forest Preserve trails or the Lake Katherine trails, so one is left to speculate about whether a passage is possible. There is no walking route.

As I was taking this walk I realized that sometimes the passage one seeks cannot be found and Nature can be elusive. Here are some photos from my walk: