International Poster Competition to Reinvent Chicago's Classic Transit Posters

by crandell | 03/22/2010


The Chicago International Poster Biennial will hold its first student poster competition this year with the theme of "Transportation: Crucial Issues." The theme is intended to explore why it's great to walk, bike and take transit (transportation that’s green, healthy, affordable and social). So it'll be exciting to see the entries! Spread the word and encourage any art and design students you know to enter. The deadline is May 22, 2010.

From the competition website:

Profile: Belmont CTA Artist David Lee Csicsko

by crandell | 07/24/2009


David Lee Csicsko is a Chicago artist who recently won the commission for the new public art installation at the rebuilt Belmont CTA station following a competitive public selection process. The station and artwork are expected to be completed by the end of this year (view work-in-progress on the right). His Belmont 2000 work, which was originally intended as a temporary installation, had been on display at the old station since 1999 and was removed for the station construction.

What's the name of your new Belmont CTA piece, and how does it relate to the transit experience and to Lakeview?

Fullerton Station Public Art Forum Tue., June 9

by crandell | 06/07/2009


The process for selecting art for the new Fullerton CTA station continues this week with a public meeting at 6 p.m. on Tue., June 9, at the Lincoln Park Branch Library, 1150 W. Fullerton Avenue. The community is encouraged to attend this meeting to review art proposals and provide feedback to guide the selection.

Following two public meetings in July of last year and January this year, Michael Dinges was commissioned for a mosaic artwork for the Fullerton station. A second, sculptural piece is now being selected for the station.

Artists / Artist-Teams nominated as finalists for the artwork competition for the Fullerton Station (north side/outdoor plaza):

  • Actual Size Artworks (artist team of Gail Simpson / Aristotle Georgiades) (resides Stoughton, WI)
  • Mary Brogger (resides Chicago, IL)
  • Michael Dunbar (resides Springfield, IL)
  • Michele Goldstrom (resides Chicago, IL)

Belmont Station Art Selection Meeting Jan. 27; Fullerton Jan. 29

by crandell | 01/02/2009


If you use the Belmont Red/Brown line stop, don't miss your opportunity to participate in the selection of public art for the newly rebuilt station. The next public meeting for the Belmont station art will be Jan. 27, 6 p.m. at Ann Sather, 909 W. Belmont. The next Fullerton station art meeting will be Jan. 29.

More info.: CTA Arts in Transit

Broadway Carfree for the Weekend

by crandell | 09/09/2007


This weekend, Broadway from Belmont to Roscoe was opened up for pedestrians to freely amble and stroll and enjoy the beautiful weather. The Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce hosted its third annual Fine Art Festival, celebrating a great public space by filling the street with art, food and music. About the only thing a car was good for was as a canvas for painting -- as demonstrated at the "Paint a Volvo" booth.

These kinds of festivals happen all summer long in Chicago, and they're a great reminder that our streets serve a greater purpose than just moving cars. Unlike sprawling suburban streets that only serve to get cars to their destinations, urban streets are destinations in and of themselves. They are public places -- places for people.