Profile: Loreen Walks 1,000 Miles Around Lake Michigan -- Join Her for the Final 10 Miles!

by crandell | 08/19/2009


Chicagoans can enjoy fantastic waterfront walking and biking on our city's 18.5-mile path along the shores of Lake Michigan, but have you ever wondered what it would be like if you didn't stop and just kept going? Writer Loreen Niewenhuis from Battle Creek, Mich., is finding out on a 1,000-mile walk around the perimeter of Lake Michigan, which she plans to write a book about. She stepped off from Navy Pier on March 16 and is walking counter-clockwise around the lake. The most recent leg of her trip got her as far as Manitowoc, Wis. You can read about her journey on her blog at Loreen is inviting people to join her on the Chicago lakefront on September 26, 2009, for the last 10 miles of her trek -- see the bottom of this post for details.

Why did you decide to do a 1,000-mile walk around Lake Michigan?

Profile: Belmont CTA Artist David Lee Csicsko

by crandell | 07/24/2009


David Lee Csicsko is a Chicago artist who recently won the commission for the new public art installation at the rebuilt Belmont CTA station following a competitive public selection process. The station and artwork are expected to be completed by the end of this year (view work-in-progress on the right). His Belmont 2000 work, which was originally intended as a temporary installation, had been on display at the old station since 1999 and was removed for the station construction.

What's the name of your new Belmont CTA piece, and how does it relate to the transit experience and to Lakeview?

Profile: Jill, the Carfree Realtor

by crandell | 02/15/2009


Jill Press is a Chicago Realtor who manages her work and home life without a car. Born in Chicago, she received her BA in Journalism from Temple University in Philadelphia and remained in Pa. before returning to her home city in 1995. Jill has been a Realtor since 1997 and specializes in lakefront properties in the city. She lives in East Lakeview. You can read more about her experience as a carfree Realtor on her new blog, Jill Press Box.

How long have you been carfree and why did you choose that lifestyle?

I've been car-free since 1983.

I'd moved to Philly in August 1982 along with my then four-year-old son, leaving our 200-year-old log cabin-turned-three-bedroom-house on two secluded, wooded acres in rural Berks County, Pa.

Profile: Sharon's Walk to Work

by crandell | 11/07/2007


Lakeview resident Sharon understands that walking is transportation, and regularly makes her six mile commute between home and the Loop on foot. Sharon works as the head of an IT department for a large foundation. Her commute is a great example for the rest of us, and a reminder that we live in a great city where six miles can actually be an enjoyable walk. Many of us are lucky enough to have the option of walking home at the end of the day -- let's take advantage of it more often.

So you walk to work every day from Lakeview to the Loop? How long does it take you?

I try to get 5 or more walking trips in each week. Sometimes I walk to work, sometimes I walk home, sometimes (but rarely) I do both.

It takes me 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Yeah, that's a long walk, so it makes sense you'd usually just do it one-way. What route do you take for the walk?