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Help Invent a Carfree Future for Chicago!

by crandell | 08/11/2009


Do you dream of a future where bikes outnumber cars on Chicago streets and drive-throughs are displaced by new train stations? Well the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) needs the public's help to create Chicago's 2040 regional plan, and they want to know about your vision for the future. Be sure to have your say in the direction of our region! You have through early September to weigh in using the Invent the Future web tools at www.goto2040.org. The site also has details about other opportunities to participate through community meetings and kiosks.

I've invented my own 2040 scenario. You should too, and vote for your favorite of the three scenarios CMAP has presented.

Bicycle Film Festival Video Trailer 2009

by bike and roll c... | 08/10/2009


The Bicycle Film Festival will be in Chicago starting Wednesday August 12-16, 2009. The Bicycle Film Festival is a celebration of bicycles through film, art and music.

Chicago Bicycle Film Festival

by bike and roll c... | 08/05/2009

The Bicycle Film Festival is a celebration of bicycles through film, art and music. It starts next week on Wednesday August 12th-16th at Columbia College. For more information, schedule, and tickets go to: http://www.bicyclefilmfestival.com/?p=chicago

Western Ave. Viaduct Meeting Tonight: "Tear Down This Wall!"

by crandell | 07/28/2009

The City is apparently mulling over the idea of tearing down the elevated-freeway-esque Western Ave. viaduct (Tribune story). There's a public meeting about this tonight. If you can make it to the meeting, please let us know what happened by posting in the comments section or posting your own blog entry about it for those of us who can't attend.


The Chicago Department of Transportation will be hosting a Public Meeting to introduce the Western Avenue Viaduct Study and encourage input from the community during the initial study phase. The meeting will take place on Tuesday, July 28, 2009 at 7:00pm at the DeVry University Chicago Campus (3300 N. Campbell Avenue, Room 200).


A Pedestrian "Problem" at the Modern Wing

by crandell | 06/16/2009


Blair Kamin has given some much needed attention in the Tribune to the street design issues outside the new Modern Wing of the Art Institute: Art Institute's Modern Wing: Getting there can be risky. He points out the increase in jaywalking on Monroe as visitors from Millennium Park try to find the shortest route to the Modern Wing, and he suggests a mid-block crosswalk to remedy the problem. What's troubling is the City's response:

"Perhaps, as Steele says, the city can treat the problem crossing as effectively as it handled the successful, but sometimes troublesome, 2004 opening of Millennium Park.