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CTA's Least Walkable Train Stations

by crandell | 02/05/2011


Chicago has an incredible train system with 144 stations providing access to many great walkable neighborhoods, and that's not even counting Metra stations. The combination of walking to transit is what allows city residents to be less dependent on their cars. But there are also stations in not-so-walkable areas, surrounded by freeways, vacant lots or suburban-style development. I took a look at the Carfree Chicago Train Stop Guide to find the CTA's ten least walkable stations. The Train Stop Guide lists Walk Scores for each train station, which gives a sense of whether the station has lots of people and activity within convenient walking distance. Below are the least walkable stations listed with Walk Scores.

Chicago Toyota Dealership Touts Transit-Friendly Location

by crandell | 06/22/2009

A friend forwarded me this email newsletter message from Chicago Northside Toyota promoting one of the great advantages of transit. What does it mean when car dealerships start catering to the growing "car-lite" population?

Why Fight for Parking?

There's so much going on in our wonderful city right now - like the Taste of Chicago. But oh, the nightmare of the parking meters!

Why fight for parking when you visit the events, when you could drop your Prius off for service or repair at Chicago Northside Toyota - and take public transportation?

Chicago Northside Toyota is right on the Red Line's Bryn Mawr stop.
How much more convenient can you get?

Website Geared for Finding Transit-Oriented Real Estate in Walkable Neighborhoods

by crandell | 02/24/2009


I recently stumbled upon through the Walk Score blog, and I was really excited by how they use both Walk Score and transit in their real estate search. Founder and CEO Galen Ward dropped me an email explaining what the site can do to help with a carfree home search, and I have to applaud him for promoting this lifestyle through his site and making life a little easier for the pedestrians, bikers and transit-riders of Chicago with such an easy-to-use and powerful search tool. Last week I profiled Jill Press, a realtor who understands carfree living. This week I'm sharing as another tool in the carfree real estate arsenal and further evidence of the mainstreaming of carfree living.

Walk Score Ranks Chicago's Most Walkable Neighborhoods

by crandell | 07/17/2008


If you've ever wished there were an easier way to figure out which areas of the city are friendliest to those on foot, then you'll be excited about Walk Score's new walkability maps and neighborhood rankings. Walk Score today published rankings for the most walkable cities (Chicago is ranked fourth), as well as the most walkable neighborhoods in each city -- in Chicago: the Loop, Near North Side, Lincoln Park, Lakeview and Uptown. They also have wonderful color-coded walkability maps for each city illustrating which areas are most walkable.