Carfree Beer Excursions (and a Distillery) -- Because Drinking and Driving Don't Mix

by crandell | 04/02/2010


I recently met a fellow carfree Chicagoan who wanted to go to Three Floyds Brewery's Dark Lord Day on April 24 but wasn't sure how to get there. It may be an ordeal to get to Three Floyds, but fortunately we also have plenty of other easy excursions for exploring great beer.

Dark Lord Day is a beer festival at Three Floyds in Munster, Indiana, over 7 miles from the South Shore Line Hammond station or a little over 10 miles from the Flossmoor station on the Metra Electic line, and Pace bus connections won't get you much closer. So on a normal day if you wanted a brewery tour, your best bet would probably be to take the Metra Electric and arrange a cab with Classic Taxi, and plan on hitting up Flossmoor Station brewery in the same day. But luckily a number of Chicago bars are offering charter buses down to Dark Lord Day:

Take the Driving Out of Your Drinking: Drink Local!

by crandell | 07/25/2008


I've had somewhat of an obsession lately with the idea of drinking locally and have been scouring the internet in search of liquors and beers made in Chicago and neighboring states.

Why? Just like the carfree movement, the locavore movement seeks to reduce our society's addiction to an over-engineered transportation system that requires everyone and everything to travel vast distances for even simple needs. All that shipping and trucking is an unnecessary waste of resources, and the fuel we burn to move our goods contributes to global warming. By living closer to our daily needs and consuming goods (in this case, liquors and beers) produced closer to where we live, we can cut the waste and reduce our dependence on oil, while becoming more self-reliant and strengthening our local economy. I also love how local food and drink celebrate our unique local culture.