The Beauty of the Monthly CTA pass

by hsmith | 01/12/2009


I've been complaining about the new CTA fare structure and the fact that I have to get a monthly CTA pass now to get to work. However Saturday when I woke up and the world was a swirling mass of white snow I started to embrace my inner Chicago Card. The mission:get to the hardware store and shop for dinner for 6 people at 2 different grocery stores in Rogers Park in 2 hours. I strapped on my backpack, ipod and set out along Sheridan and realized I had such a luxury of transit options available to me: I took whichever Sheridan bus was coming first--North or South is fine to connect me to other buses. I hopped the 147 to Howard, then grabbed the 22 Bus down to the Clark/Devon Hardware store. Then grabbed another 22 going North to Morse, dropped off a library book, walked 3 blocks, got a couple bags of groceries and hopped the Red Line home. I even got to stop at the wine shop and saw a few neighbors and made it home in plenty of time.