Arts in Transit

Fullerton Station Public Art Forum Tue., June 9

by crandell | 06/07/2009


The process for selecting art for the new Fullerton CTA station continues this week with a public meeting at 6 p.m. on Tue., June 9, at the Lincoln Park Branch Library, 1150 W. Fullerton Avenue. The community is encouraged to attend this meeting to review art proposals and provide feedback to guide the selection.

Following two public meetings in July of last year and January this year, Michael Dinges was commissioned for a mosaic artwork for the Fullerton station. A second, sculptural piece is now being selected for the station.

Artists / Artist-Teams nominated as finalists for the artwork competition for the Fullerton Station (north side/outdoor plaza):

  • Actual Size Artworks (artist team of Gail Simpson / Aristotle Georgiades) (resides Stoughton, WI)
  • Mary Brogger (resides Chicago, IL)
  • Michael Dunbar (resides Springfield, IL)
  • Michele Goldstrom (resides Chicago, IL)

Belmont Wants David Lee Csicsko Back

by crandell | 01/27/2009


A well-attended community meeting this evening at Ann Sather demonstrated overwhelming support for the return of David Lee Csicsko's cheerful aesthetic to the Belmont station. The CTA Arts in Transit program solicited community feedback at the meeting on the selection of public art for the station, presenting proposals from six artists. The CTA said the chosen work would be installed this summer. Neighbors had plenty of time at the end of the meeting to provide feedback on the artwork. As people around the room took their turns voicing their opinions, it seemed the one work everybody loved, receiving the vast majority of comments (only one negative), was the proposal by David Lee Csicsko, who's "Belmont 2000" recently decorated the Belmont station before construction forced its removal.