Randolph Street Station

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Neighborhood: The Loop

This is a great stop for

This is a great stop for kids!

There are two great parks nearby. Walk a couple blocks west on Randolph and, just past Harris Theatre, you will come upon a beatiful shaded park with plenty of swings and jungle gyms and rubber matting throughout. Always full of kids of all ages with their parents and nannies. It's GREAT SUMMER PARK shaded by tall trees, with enough sunlight so that it doesn't feel muggy.

Also, you'll find good bike parking next to the park.

Cross the street down Field Blvd. and you will find another, newer park with more colorful gyms and matting. There isn't much shade, so perhaps its better for a cooler days.

During the summer you will find performances for children in a tented pavilion next to Harris Theatre.

This whole area gets FIVE STARS FOR KID FUN.