Sheridan Station

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Walk Score™: 88
Neighborhood: Northalsted

This is my stop, and I don't

This is my stop, and I don't know what I would do without Alta Vista, perhaps the best bodega in Chicago. If I need it, chances are they have it, and there's even an entrance in the station. I'm also a big fan of Artemio's, a Mexican bakery that has great pastries and French bread.

I second Mandy -- every

I second Mandy -- every train stop should be so lucky as to have a corner store like Alta Vista next door. I'm jealous Belmont is lacking this.

Sheridan is on a great little mixed-use block with a few shops and restaurants. It's also conveniently close to the north end of the Southport area of Lakeview and not far from the Long Room, one of my favorite bars.

Sheridan is also a great stop to get off at to check out Alta Vista Terrace, one of the North Side's most unique blocks: